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05 December 2013 @ 02:07 pm

Yesterday, I told my boss that no matter what, I'm resigning on 28th February.

Today, I got my ticket to Bangkok for April next year.


Honestly, I didn't expect I would visit Bangkok again after last year. I planned to go to Vietnam but no cheap flight at the moment :|

And Japan.

(you wouldn't believe me if I say that I would see Anne in person in Japan, right? She's actually a normal student)

Today I also got news from my friend that her boss is interested to hire me as a freelance copywriter.



I'm excited to see 2014 already!

P.S: next year will be very good for KAT-TUN too I think.

also, nadhira91 will be back to Jakarta in 2014 so I guess next year will be great for her too. lol

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01 March 2013 @ 02:13 pm
Twitter, stop pissing me off. Yesterday, my twitter account suddenly got suspended for some unknown reason. I sent an email to twitter and they replied, saying that I might have violated their rules so I have to take time to read and understand the rules blah blah blah. I have checked and understand the rules, and I don't think I have violated one of them so I sent email again, complaining that I don't violate the rules so they don't have reason to suspend my account.

and here goes the storyCollapse )
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03 June 2012 @ 01:32 pm
I've been very very busy since the beginning of this year. Exchange program and thesis, these two things had robbed my happy-time for fandom. I can't say that my life in Thailand wasn't fun, it was just a bit tiring and difficult because I don't understand the language and Thailand is very very hot. But, it was such a nice experience to be able to meet new friends, visiting some good places, and learning new culture. To say that I'm satisfied, yeah I'm satisfied.

There is one thing that makes me feel disappointed though. I can't join graduation ceremony this semester, which will be held on September, because I don't want to defend my thesis next month and risking my grade. I hate my university. My advisor will be going to Malaysia for her research and she will be back two days after the day of the thesis deadline. fml. She said that if I persist to defend my thesis next month, I probably would get only B or C+ which will definitely ruin my GPA and my plan for master scholarship. Again, I hate my university. Thus, I've decided not to hand in my thesis next week. For a better grade and future. Yet, I still have this bitter feeling because I can't join graduation ceremony this semester.

My thesis defense would be held on August or early September, according to my advisor. Before the graduation ceremony. But, I still can't join the graduation ceremony and have to wait for another 5 months to join the graduation ceremony next semester. WHYYYYY?!!!! I hate system. Like, really really hate. Some people said "It's just a celebration, you're still going to graduate this semester tho. Don't be too disappointed." I KNOW. I KNOW ;___; Oh God, you must be have one good reason for this, right? /prays

Good things from the fact that my thesis defense date got postponed are :
  • I have time to study Japanese again
  • more time to flail (KAT-TUN, JE, dorama, I MISS YOU GUYS!)
  • 3 months left to write such a perfect thesis they would give me an A
  • My mom don't say anything about my Japan-trip-plan (NO CHANGE OF PLAN! I'LL BE GOING TO JAPAN)
  • I can sleep without thinking "omg the deadline is next week!!!"
  • save money for To The Limit. lol. I'm sure most of hyphens already listen to this song. You have to buy this single. Both if possible. If not? There must be a way. lol

Uh.. I feel better after writing this.
The weather is so horrible lately, take care of your health guys.
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09 March 2012 @ 01:06 am
I'm so gonna see you this year, Kamenashi Kazuya!! /prays
Just called mom and asked if I can go to Japan this September, she said yes. I can go there as a present for my graduation if I finish my thesis and graduate before September \(;o;)/.
I'll just worry about my thesis later, now let me enjoy this happiness for a while. lol

So.. have you guys seen the poster of 2012 Dream Boys?


Look at that amazing poster. Sexy Kamenashi-sama staring at you like he's going to eat you up /dies.

uh.. Anyone, let's go and watch DBS together with me??
(we can stay at kharisma13's place! lolol)

before I continue this post with my non-sense babbling, it'd be better if go and do my thesis.

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07 February 2012 @ 09:59 pm
After a not so short journey from Jakarta to Bangkok - one hour from my house to Soekarno-Hatta intl. airport, three and a half hour on the plane, and one hour ride from Suvarnabhumi intl. airport to Salaya -, I have finally arrived at my apartement near Mahidol University Intl. College.

Sawasdee-ka~! :D :D
(That's the only Thai language I know. lol)

I officially live in Thailand for 3 months as an exchange student starting from today. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time. Living in a country you never visited before and with language you don't even understand, that scares me. Yeah.. But, I'm already here, in Thailand xD. Even my parents still can't believe that I'm not living with them anymore (for 3 months). I hope everything goes well and I can go back to my country with good grades and finish my thesis as well.

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13 May 2011 @ 09:51 pm
I saw someone posted this song on tumblr, and the quality is nice so I decided to rip it because DIAMOND is simply nice! I like it! KT always produce such a nice song anyway XD

I wonder when will they release this song. Or will they release this song?
I wouldn't mind if I have to buy another single right after WHITE. haha..
oh well, just enjoy this  ^^
credit : fluffywhitepillow on tumblr
comments are loved! :D

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19 January 2011 @ 12:50 am
listen to Ultimate Wheels from KAT-TUN style http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/12094991

The song is so great. KAT-TUN is the first JE band I like because of their music!! Really.. Even my sister, who always says that JE music is suck listen to KT’s songs in awe. She was like "now I know why you love this band so much. They're awesome."


will never stop to love them.

Because I like this song very much, so I decided to rip it *so I can play it all over again*

here if you're interested to download my rip version
This song is extremely awesome. I'm so proud of them! Now I can't wait for the PV.

credit goes for Hiromu @ je_stream on twitter for the stream and myself for ripping it :D

Make sure to buy the single! 

comments are loved btw XD
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15 January 2011 @ 08:48 pm
Title: Different path same destination
Pairing(s): Akame, KAT-TUN
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I just own the plot
Summary: Jin is not in KAT-TUN anymore, he's going solo. But one thing he still sure, their destination is still the same.
Warning: English is not my first language and un-betaed

a/n : Hello ~ this is my second drabble and I don't know what makes me write this, it just suddenly popped up on my mind and I just so happy with the fact that Jin finally releases his single! And KAT-TUN Ultimate Wheels even made me more happy! Uh I love these guys *rants*. And, have you read MS Top 50 idols all the time? KAT-TUN is in top 30. So proud. Okay now to the fic ~


People and their expectation, I hate them. They just don't know what I really want to do and what I'm capable to do. They just don't know how their expectation is being a burden for me. It feels so heavy, I really want to get out from all of this things immediately. I want to be free, showing my real self to everyone, I just want them to know that I am beyond their expectation.

“Kazu.. I'll leave the band” I said

“Good luck Jin” You replied with your genuine smile. The smile that only belongs to you which I will never forget. Only with that smile, I feel like I can conquer the world. “Just don't forget us, right?” You added jokingly.

“You know I'll never forget you and the guys” I convinced him. Knowing that he fully support my decision to leave the band. I promise that I leave for good and won't miss a chance to make my dream comes true. Our dream.

“Just let our dream comes true.” You continued, that smile still plastered on your beautiful face, “Take care, Jin.” You give me a hug, that kind of best friend hug and I hug you back. I am so grateful that I have a best friend like you.

“You too. We're going to make it real, Kazu.” I saw his face for the last time before my departure to America. I know he'll protect the band, he is Kamenashi Kazuya after all. I smile as dragged myself out of the dressing room.

Once I got the chance, I grabbed it, I finally free now. Well, not entirely free but I finally manage to create my own music. I am one step closer to my dream, going worldwide. I love the audience, I love the stage, I love how I can sing my own song in my own stage. I feel free and content. But nothing is better than going back to my hometown, the town where I start everything, the town where my precious one live.

“Everyone, I'm home.” I said to the cheered crowd. I feel so happy I could jumping around and sing non-stop because I finally back here.

I see the five of you made it great. Five dome concerts are scheduled this year, and you guys are going to release your next single soon. I hear the song from one of car commercial, I am so proud of you guys.

Now I am on my way home after finishing the concert, choose to rest my body before facing my tight schedule tomorrow. Suddenly I feel my phone vibrate, fists it from my pocket and seeing your name on the screen.

From : Kazuya

Welcome back Jin. Your single will be released soon. Congrats. :)
You might have known that we're struggling to make the dream comes true too.
Good luck!

He smiles as he reads the message. It's only a simple message but means a lot for him. The thought of his ex-bandmates struggling to make the dream comes true just makes him smile wider. They might be walk at a different path, but they're still the same because they have one destination, make it worldwide.

No matter what people expect them to be like, they are just beyond the expectation. And they will prove it even to the entire world. With that thought, Jin finally fall asleep in his way home. Satisfied and ready to face another busy day.

The end

Okay I know this is kinda suck -.- I basically just wrote what comes into my mind. So yeah..
Sorry for grammatical error.
Finally, thank you for those who have read this :D :D
Comments are ♥
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24 December 2010 @ 10:28 pm

Merry Christmas everyone!
May Christmas brings you happiness and peace.
Enjoy your holiday!

actually I made some another gif but LJ hates me tonight, I can't post that here. orzzz.. I'll post the gifs later.

and oh KT will release their next single, Ultimate Wheels! The song is used for Suzuki Solio CM and the single will be released on February 2nd. So excited.

Besides, my mom said : okay okay you can buy that single as your Christmas present.

so it's a YAY!! Let Plastic Tears to be one of those untitled song pls.

okay, once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS ~
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04 December 2010 @ 06:11 pm
Title: All I Want For Christmas is You 
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff?, Romance
Disclaimer: I just own the plot and the song on my laptop. Though I really wish I could own Kame. lol
Summary: Kazu loves Christmas, but there's something he loves the most to make Christmas even better (I can't write a good summary -__-)
Warning: English is not my first language and un-betaed

Kamenashi Kazuya loves Christmas. Snow, present, song, food, Christmas gives him a happy feeling. But that was before one certain person leave him and the band. He still loves Christmas but he won't deny that he feels not that happy as before.


“Hmm?” He answers lazily, lay down on the couch with his palms covering his face.

“Are you okay?” Nakamaru asks worriedly. He knows Kame loves Christmas. No matter how much work they need to do during Christmas, Kame always did his job happily. But now, he can see that the younger one seems to be so tired and sad.


“We're worrying you so much” He continues because Kame seems like not in the mood of answering any question, “Want to going out somewhere?”

Didn't get any answer, Nakamaru sighed and leave the room.

He feels sorry for not answering Nakamaru, he knows his band mate worry about him so much. Tat-chan asked what's wrong with him, Koki offered to treat him in restaurant to brighten up his mood, even Junno asked him if Kame want to borrow his psp, but he refused.He just need time to re-arrange his feeling. After resting his body for half an hour, he decides to go home.
Soon as he got home, he throw his body into his bed, try to soothe his feeling. But something distract him, he see two boxes near his bedroom door. Get up from the bed, he checks what is inside those box. He takes the first box and read the card.

Merry Christmas Kazuya, I hope this jacket can keep you warm in this kind of weather. Mom

Christmas present he thought, a smile stretched on his face. Then he move to the next box, it's wrapped with red paper, he opened and found a black wrist watch. The card said

Merry Christmas Kazuya, this is a present from us. Hope it can cheer you!

He knows that was from his band mate though they didn't write their name on the card. Suddenly he hears the noise from the living room. He realizes that he didn't lock the door, worried if thief came into his house, he grab the mop to hit the unwanted guest if necessary. But something surprised him in his living room. A very familiar figure sprawled on the floor.

“Jin?” Makes sure he didn't see wrong, “Jin what are you doing? You're supposed to be in America”

“Urgh at least help me to get up before asking” Jin finally get himself up from the floor and rub his sore butt.

Kame gives him a confused look but he can see a glint of happiness on those brown orbs. “Snow is pouring quite hard outside, it makes my shoes wet and I slipped when come to your house.” Kame is trying so hard to keep a straight face, not to burst into laugh because Jin is so stupid. So he just stand and stare at his precious one. Didn't give any respon.
“Kazu? Why don't you talk to me?” Then Jin realizes that he didn't bring any present. “Kazu I'm sorry I didn't buy present for you, I mean it's Christmas and I forgot to buy a present!”

“Jin what are you doing here?” Kame asks coldy

“Kazu.. I came here because I read that you made a mistake when singing my part in white xmas. You must be missed me so much so I come here!”

Honestly, Kame doesn't know how to face his stupid lover. He's so happy finally he can see the face he missed so much, the voice that always make a good harmony with his, the person that makes his life feel incomplete but still he need to make this stupid lover of him understand that he doesn't need any present.

“Kazu sorry.. I'll buy you anything”

“You don't need to buy me anything, idiot”

“What? I'm sorry” Jin pouts and show his sad face, trying to gain Kame's forgiveness. Kame can't help but chukled and wrapping his arm around Jin's waist.

“You don't need to buy anything Jin because all I want for Christmas is you.” Kame smiles and hugging his lover so tight. He loves Christmas, its snow, food, song, and present, but what he loves the most is Christmas with his lover, Jin.

Hai! Finally I manage to finish this. Thank you for reading :D
I know this is an epic fail because I just simply write what's inside my mind when listening to the Christmas song 'All I want for christmas is you'. And this is my very first drabble so I'm so sorry if I fail too much. hehe.. Oh and sorry for the grammar mistake because English is not my first language.

Once again thank you, hope you enjoy it and comments are loved ♥
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